What’s ED (Erectile Dysfunction)?

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   If you think you are alone in your battle against erectile dysfunction, think again. Epidemiological studies reveal that 40 percent of men have this problem at the age of 40; And as they approach the age of 70, approximately everyone starts to experience erectile dysfunction once in a while.


What on earth is ED (Erectile Dysfunction)?


You may be wondering: What is ED (Erectile Dysfunction)? What on earth gave me this problem? Are there ways to prevent it from developing? Can I possibly reverse it? How do I get back my “Man of Steel” kind of erection?

Mayoclinic defines ED or erectile dysfunction as the difficulty or inability to get and maintain an erection. According to experts, having some problems getting an erection isn’t necessarily a problem if it only happens once in a while. However, if it does happen MOST OF THE TIME, then it’s really an issue. Erectile dysfunction does not only cause a waning confidence not only in the bedroom, it can also gradually destroy your sex life and  relationship with your partner, undue stress and low self esteem.

Nevertheless, erectile dysfunction is not simply a matter of having poor sexual performance – it is also a sign that you are having some other underlying conditions that may need medical attention; and it may be a risk factor for having a heart problem sooner or maybe later in your life.

If you think you are starting to have erectile dysfunction, the best thing to do is to talk with your physician – no matter how embarrassing it may be for your situation. Treating the underlying medical condition that causes your erectile dysfunction may not be enough to manage your ongoing health problem. In some cases, medications and other forms of management procedures may be necessary to solve your erection issue.